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FulVantage Success Story

The Harbor Sales Company

In the first year after moving to the FulVantage platform, The Harbor Sales Company, a large distributor of supplies and machining services, grew online sales from 5% to 33% of total sales, reduced call ­center and back-office staffing by 15% and had a 10% ­increase in items per order.

"FulVantage is way beyond any other business solution that's out there today. It gives us ­insights into our customer ­relationships and an incredible array of tools to further develop those relationships and boost sales. Our customers are ­impressed and our employees are excited about the ­increased opportunities to make a difference."

Duncan Covington,
President and CEO,
The Harbor Sales Company

FulVantage – the business solution that really delivers!

FulVantage is an innovative software solution that ­delivers sophisticated e-Commerce, customer ­service and order management capabilities to wholesale, ­distributor supply businesses. It is architected to be a modular solution that ­integrates with your ­accounting (ERP) platform and can be delivered as a service (cloud based) or on-premise.

FulVantage is engineered to deliver a Return-On-Investment within one year.
The solution is designed to:

  • Lower inventory carrying costs
  • Improve back office efficiency and lower costs
  • Deliver a cutting edge "personalized" customer experience
  • Strengthen relationships with existing customers
  • Deliver the right information to customers, partners, distributors and resellers

Unique to the market place FulVantage is feature rich and customizable.
It offers industry leading capabilities that will allow you to:

  • Make your products stand out and easy to find
  • Display well organized and detailed product information, complete with product images
  • Add custom 'searchable' attributes
  • Create custom product categories
  • Establish customer and product specific pricing and discounts
  • Enable multi-tier order configuration capability to deliver a better customer experience
  • Use product and substitute proposals to reduce lost sales and improve cross-selling
  • Have inside sales alias as a web-customer to help complete orders or resolve issues
  • Maintain a clear audit trail from payment back to order line
  • Eliminate mistakes through integration of order entry, procurement, production, inventory management, shipping and invoicing
  • Lower your inventory carrying costs without sacrificing sales through tight integration from sales forecasting through delivery
  • Improve delivery efficiency with available in-house distribution capabilities as well as integration with shipping carriers
  • Leverage roles-based access controls to ensure segregation of responsibilities